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Welcome to GLUNSER University Community

GLUNSER University Community is the unit that offers and manage a set of services to support the international mobility programs of students, teaching and research staff (TRS), administration and services staff (PAS), university authorities and former students.

Moving to another country to run a study, working or research mobility program, generates many setbacks that hinder the mobilization process, the successful integration of the person and the possibility of focusing on its studies or professional activities since their arrival to the destination.

GLUNSER, as members of the high education and research community, knows the real needs that the expats haver in and out, reason why we offer 360º supports: in the pre-mobility stage, on arrival and throughout the mobility period. We provide personalized support, which optimizes the costs of expatriation and reduce the stress of moving to the new destination.

Our Clients


We offer tailor-made services and agile solutions for each expat person or community member, meeting their needs accordingly to the activity to be performed, either a study or working stage.


We offer comprehensive and professional services for institutions that look for comfort and solutions to the needs of the members of their communities, both foreigners who are going to join a Spanish institution and nationals who move on a mobility basis abroad.

What makes us different?


We design and implement tailor-made projects that support and attend each client’s needs.


Our services can be hired up to 12 hours before the execution of the same ones.


Unlimited management of annual mobilities by having technology and our own integral management platform.


Immediate response and personalized attention to offer a high-quality service.


The expats can be benefit from customer service 365 days a year.


Continuous flow response for both the individual and the corporate client.

GLUNSER University Community Services


We advise and assist the expat person in origin, to organize the trip and the international mobility, in sufficient time to avoid setbacks and to ensure that everything is prepared in a timely manner.


Telephone, online and on-site 24 hours’ multilingual support a day and throughout the mobility, so that expats feel safe and protected by having a contact point and personal assistance.


We provide the expats with official interpreters and translation services, specialized on several languages that support and avoid any incident that you might have at your arrival to destination.


The expat will be supported since his arrival in the country. A member of GLUNSER team will be waiting for you at the airport for the reception, luggage assistance and transportation to the accommodation, explaining the personalized planning that will be carried out so that all expat needs are resolved in record short period of time.


Bi-directional service, both for members of the foreign community who come to Spain and for nationals who travel abroad with a mobility of studies or work, supporting the displaced both in the pre-mobility stage, the arrival at the destination and during the period of mobility.


At the end of the mobility stage, we support and give solution to the expat with all the requirements needed to facilitate a comfortable going back to their respective countries, avoiding any last minute inconvenient and ensuring the appropriate mobility ending.


We will be responsible for all the steps necessary for its immediate integration into the destination, including all those related to the search for accommodation, immigration, bureaucracy and other requirements that come up in destination, either for expats traveling alone or with their family.


We listen to our clients’ needs and priorities, making available the most suitable accommodation in the shortest possible period of time. We protect your interests in the negotiation process and support with everything you need for the correct formalization of contracts, discharges and other necessary formalities.


We offer and run other services not included in the website, such an orientation and integration programs, search of study centers for relatives or member of the family unit, training and languages programs, legal advice, free time and cultural activities among others. If you are interested and would like to get further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Benefits for the University Community

Hiring our professional services allows the clients to organize in advance many aspects that a particular client unknows at the time of moving to another country. Our team, with over 10 years’ experience provide services that deliver:


The accumulated experience during years providing support and services to the university community, allow us to know in advance the difficulties that can happen so we are ready to act and provide agile solutions.


Having an assistant and a 24 hours contact telephone to our client’s disposal generate security and support to our expats on destination.


A multidisciplinary team with a wide range of abilities and knowledge to plan the mobility in advance is put to the service of our clients, this significantly avoid mishaps and worries to our expats.


We know the needs, services, processes and requirements in each step of the mobility process and this fact allows us to notably reduce the successful execution of the services. This is an advantage for the clients as we put everything in place in a short period of time increasing savings of time and money for the clients.


We put to the service of our clients, personal assistants that are in charge of solving any required need at any time.

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